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Dolphins of Lovina

The dolphins in Lovina Bay is Lovina's greatest tourist attraction. But even jaded travelers find it moving. As the sun rises behind Bali's volcanos you head out in traditional Balinese outrigger boats. Sometimes you find only a few dozen, sometimes there are hundreds. The dolphins are often playful, breaking the surface to perform acrobatic stunts, as if they want to show off for us.

    dawn excursion

    Your dolphin safari

    The dolphin boats sail as a group. The more boats, the easier it is to find the dolphins. When youreach the pod of dolphins, remember to look down. This is where most of the dolphins are, weaving between each other, chasing tuna in the clear water under the boat. Remember to bring a towel, as a cushion for your arms when leaning on the railing.

Originally, the dolphin trips started as fishing trips. When fishing for tuna, the fishermen look for the dolphins. The dolphins chase the tuna as well, so wherever they are, theres a good chance the tuna will be right ahead of them, fleeing. Soon the dolphins, not the tuna, became the purpose of the trip.

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