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Discover Bali

North Bali

North Bali is home to some of Bali’s most famous attractions, as well as many undiscovered gems. Most of all here is where you experience the joy of everyday island life, ‘Bali as it used to be’.

    north bali

    Bali as it used to be

    Yes, there are famous temples in North Bali. But it is also the perfect place for people who wish to experience Bali as it was before the tourists arrived. Experience the joy of Balinese everyday life. Stumble upon a Balinese dance class for the village children. Improvise a picnic at a sacred lake. Stroll through a village, wave to the kids, and make small talk with the friendly villagers.

Ulun Danu

The Temple of the Goddess of The Lake

The Ulun Danu water temple, situated on Lake Bratan's shores, is a significant example of Balinese temple architecture. Constructed in 1633, the temple venerates Dewi Danu, the Goddess of the Lake. Serving a vital role in Bali, it hosts ceremonies to secure water supply for Bedugul's farms. The intricately adorned main temple tower, called the meru, with eleven tiers, appears to float on the lake and represents the World Mountain, Gunung Maha Meru. This temple is widely photographed and holds importance in Balinese culture.

The Damai Village

Damai is part of the village of Kayuputih, a charming hillside farming village of about 5000 people. A nice village to take a stroll in, with rice paddies, clove farms, local schools and temples and friendly and welcoming citizens. Many of the Damai staff are from this village.

Around Damai

Close to Damai are many interesting sites to visit. On Jalan Damai, the road leasing up to Damai are two notable temples. One is a reconstructed buddhist shrine built by Chinese traders in the 8th century, and close by you find a beautiful new Majapahit temple. A short drive West you find The Buddhist Monastery in Banjar is a working monastery built in the style of Borobodur, and the Hot Springs close by is a Balinese temple that is also a popular bathing spot for the locals. Also of interest is the Royal Palace in Singraraja, the modest palace of then royal family of Singaraja. Guided tours are available, a fascinating immersion in the history of what used to be the foremost royal dynasty in Bali.

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