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Secret Waterfalls

Git-Git waterfall, close to Damai, is the most famous waterfall in Bali. It's a beautiful site, with a 35 meter fall into a calm natural lake, and a popular tourist destination. On busy days hundreds of people visit, and tour buses are often parked at the entrance by the road. But hidden in the villages in the Damai area you find waterfalls that is just as nice as Git-Git, only without the tour buses. They are still waiting to be discovered.

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    Bring good footwear. Sometimes you need a short trek to get to them. But they are worth it. Some are up to 100 meters tall, ending in crystal clear mountain pools, that are great to swim in. Remember to bring a towel. Sometimes monkeys play in the surrounding jungle, but you rarely see other tourists.

Most waterfalls are just a short drive from Damai. We will be happy to take you. Ask in our reception.

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